Private door-to-door bus transfer - Budapest - Oradea

Town Hall in Oradea, Romania

Door-to-door bus transfer - Budapest - Oradea - Book now!

220 EUR from door-to-door

total fare, no more to pay, no hidden fees.

Eurobusways offers private bus transfer from Budapest and Oradea, Romania or Oradea to Budapest. Oradea is a city with history. Take a walk in the restorated downtown and you can feel yourself in the 19th century. Oradea is also good point to start to discover the area, including Felix bath and Debrecen. There are trains and buses regularly, what Eurobusways is ahead of others is the flexibility. Eurobusways goes faster and more flexible than any other type of transportation between Budapest and Oradea.

Eurobusways can pick you from Budapest city hotel or airport also, and takes you directly to your address in Oradea.

Enjoy our bus service on the way between Budapest and Oradea, onboard wifi to check out your emails. takes around 3-4 hours to arrive (time on the border not included)

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Booking and Payment

How to Pay? through Paypal in advance or cash/card to driver.

How to book? At least 2 days ahead pls, by email or phone, Skype or text message