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Hotel Palota in Lillafured, Miskolc, Hungary

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About Miskolc

Miskolc is located in Northern Hungary, close to the slovakian border. The city has around 150.000 inhabitants. City of Miskolc has long history from prehistoric ages and thanks to its location, can offer wide range of activities.

Major sights of Miskolc : Castle of Diosgyor, the medieval castle of Diosgyor, which home of knight tournaments during summer. Cave Spa of Miskolctapolca, the unique warm water healing bath which is in a natural cave. Lillafured and Bukk mountain the green area of the city. The Bukk National Park begins at the citylimit. Great outdoor activity.

How long does it take to get to Miskolc?

About 4.5-5 hours from Krakow

Is it a daily service?

Our buses run daily from door-to-door

Any stop on the way?

We do 1-2 stops at petrol stations

Luggage policy

We do not charge for luggage. You have to pay only for bikes or live animals (like dogs) 10 EUR/item.

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How to book? Please, by email or phone, Skype or text message

Cancellation, if you booked in advance and paid through Paypal , you can cancel till 24 hours to departure to get full refund.